I believe that the key to a successful UI is to have a strong content and visual hierarchy. Regardless what we design, our objective is to deliver a relevant content/data to the users swiftly, which can only be achieved if there is a strong content and visual hierarchy.

Wayfinding Signage Application for ExxonMobil
Wayfinding Mobile Application for ExxonMobil
Sempra Energy Monitoring Application
Homz iPhone Application
Embarcadero Center Wayfinding Application
Midland County Library Catalog Application
Midland County Word Adventure
Canto Featured Pages Redesign
Juniper's OpenLab Website
Array Interactive Web Redesign
Juniper - The Four Pillars Motion Graphic
Jack Daniels Distillery Experience
McLaren Newport Beach
Supercar Legends - Dubai
Adobe Patent Wall Application
National Japanese American Historical Society
Brown-Forman Brand Experience
San Francisco Olympics Bid
Digital Signage: Sports Edition
Array Interactive 2013 Campaign
Lamborghini Club America
Disney: What Will You Celebrate
San Francisco Giants - Social Media Wall
Cisco Internet of Everything - Micro View
63rd Regional Support Command Bulletin Board
Adobe Interactive Wall
Nike Elite 51 3x1 Storyboard
Nike Elite 51 Storyboard
Francisco Fashion Catalog - Interactive Kiosk
Quest Nutrition Web Redesign
Interactive Midland County Library Catalog
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