Midland County Word Adventure

A video game application designed for the Midland County Public Library to cater to their younger audience.

After the opening of the new Midland County Public Library, I was tasked to concept and design a digital signage interactive touch game for the kids. We brainstormed and came up with this idea of a word game, where kids will be helping their favorite word adventurer to locate and secure the treasure, by guessing correctly the picture that shows up on the screen. 

Choosing the wrong letter will summon some bats that will push the adventurer back to the top. The users have 3 power ups that they can use at anytime to help them along the way.

This project displays my versatility in handling different type of design styles. Design doesn't have to be all serious and flat to look nice :)

PS: We heard from our client that it turns out this application isn't always famous among the kids, but adults have been spotted playing this as well :)
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