Wayfinding Signage Application for ExxonMobil

A wayfnding application designed for ExxonMobile brand new 385 acres campus

This is a wayfinding application I did for ExxonMobil. It's a product that took about 6-7 months to finish. The part that makes it very challenging is the scale of it. ExxonMobil has a brand new 385 acres campus that houses 11,000 employees. They have retails, coffee bars, dining places scattered around this large campus. 

I took roles as a Design Director, a UI and UX designers as well. I created a user flow, a wireframe, and a working prototype (UXPin) before establishing the look and feel.

To see the mobile version of this application, please click here.
Before we continue, I'd like to talk about the map, since it's an integral part of the UI I designed. We were tasked to redesigned the map as well, if you see the raw map they sent, you would understand why :) Since this was the first time I was given such task, I spent quite a bit researching online and read some books to understand a map creation best practices. Because of the complexity of the path and the map itself, I managed to convince our client to go with an illustration style rather than full-blown 3D isometric type of map. The simpler the map is, the easier for people to read and to find information on the map.

Below is the transition from its raw state to its final.

I call the system below a card system. I really love a card system. Not because they are in and looking good if its designed correctly, but it helps your eyes to focus on one item at a time. A card system can help producing a clear content hierarchy if designed correctly. In this case, I believe the name of the restaurant is the most important data that people will read first, in the long term (short term they may look for the type of cuisine, but once they have a favorite, it will be most unlikely that they will look for the cuisine type first).

The your eyes will start scanning to the bottom. I believe that a great content hierarchy should be perfected and ended with a call to action. The type of action you want people to do based on the data they just consumed. In our case it's giving our user an option to get a direction or to learn more.
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